Wisdom Tales

Last week I did a project called The Wild Strawberry. The Wild Strawberry is about a man running from a tiger and holding onto a vine. Then he noticed another tiger below him. Then he saw a strawberry on a wall and grabbed onto it and it saved him. So I put on a play with a partner and I narrated the scenes and my partner acted them out. The wisdom tale I was in was from Japan. I think it’s cool how many there are and how many places they can be from. My favorite wisdom tale is The Three Wishes. That wisdom tale is my favorite because it relates to life a lot. The moral was you always have to think about what you have instead of what you want. That can relate to life a lot because sometimes we don’t know what we want and what we need. Thanks for listening to my wisdom tale story.



I love swimming. I love swimming because it’s a water sport. I started out doing swimming lessons when I was really young. I did not like it at all. But as I grew up I would always look at my sister in the water swimming and think maybe I should just try again. I haven’t  always loved the water. Well I guess I’ve just grown to like it. I learned to swim when I was four years old. And Because of that I think I enjoy swimming now because I started young. 

Swimming has many different strokes. My favorite stroke is probably backstroke. I like backstroke because it doesn’t involve putting your face in the water. I also like kicking with my legs a lot. My least favorite stroke is butterfly because it’s a slower stroke so it takes more energy. That takes more energy because when you’re moving slower you carry more weight and that makes it harder while you are in the water.

Swimming is a very fun sport to me. I find swimming fun because you can be creative with it. For example there are so many different strokes and each person has a different way of swimming. Thank you for listening to why I love swimming. See you next time.

Camp Hanes

I arrived at school and I dropped off my luggage at the front of the school. Then I waited inside and after that I saw the buses pull up at DA. I went to line up with my advisor and collected all my belongings. As my advisor and I were waiting I handed my stuff to someone and found a bus partner. 

Then I got on the bus and found a row of seats. I sat down and saved a seat for my bus partner. The bus ride was about two hours. One thing I loved about the bus ride was that there was a movie playing so most people were entertained. Some people read books. Some of us did both. When we arrived I gathered my things and went to one side of the building and went to a conference room with a group of students in my grade. We played four corners, battleship master and Rock Paper Scissors. 

After that we took our stuff to our cabins and circled around in the middle of the cabin. Then everyone found out they’re  activity group so they could start doing activities. After doing some activities we went to the dining hall and had lunch. That was one of my favorite meals. 


Finding Someplace Backpack

In Finding Someplace Reesie packed a backpack because of a hurricane. So if I had to pack a bag I would pack my devices, a flashlight, a blanket and food.                      

I would pack a bag because there are multiple things I need that I think are useful for a hurricane. I would pack those things because in a hurricane when I have to leave I won’t know where I’m going because there are a lot of places for safety. If I had to pack quickly I would probably forget a lot of things. 

 I would pack those things because 

  1. With my devices I call 911
  2. In case the power goes out and it’s dark I would have light 
  3. I would pack a blanket because again if the power goes and it’s cold I will have warmth
  4. I would bring food because most likely I’ll be hungry.

I think that I would feel the same way as Reesie if I was in that situation. I think another thing I would bring is water. I think that water is very important because you need it to live and you stay hydrated so I would always bring water.

So if you had to pack a bag, what would you pack?